The instant customer portal for property developers

Set up in minutes, Laybase gives your buyers a place to watch their new home come to life.

It's so simple for customers to track their

Why should their new home be any different?

The easiest way to update buyers on their new build progress


Customer Portal

One place for your customers to stay updated and watch their property take shape.


Automated Messaging

Less phone calls, less mail and less back and forth. And more time to find new customers.


Built For Developers

New homes. Land. Apartments. Laybase is the perfect fit for developers big and small. 

Give buyers confidence


Up-to-the-minute progress

Informed buyers are happy buyers. Faster settlement, vocal promoters and ambassadors for life.


A personalised experience

No more generic email updates. Laybase gives every buyer a tailored dashboard with everything they need.


Perfect on every device

Mobile or Desktop? Android or Apple? It doesn't matter! Laybase works perfectly on every device.

Updates without overhead


One click updates

Instant email updates and notifications to all your buyers, in a simple click.


Buyer reminders

Automate reminders to your buyers as key milestones complete.


Fast. Efficient. Simple.

Simplify frustrating internal processes and upgrade your customer experience.

Easy to use. Easy to run.

Clean, simple and intuitive. Laybase admin is built for users at every level.

Don’t leave your customers in the dark!

Complete the customer journey.