Time to update

Simplify your process. Cut team overheads. And give your customers the best home-buying experience available.

Built for you, not by you


Set up in minutes

Don't waste months shoe-horning your current systems. Move fast and scale quickly.


Zero maintenance

No update costs. No service costs. No support costs. Just a platform that works.


A forecastable spend

Escape the risks of internal development. Simple, upfront costing, that's easy to budget.

Too busy to update customers?

One-click updates sent direct to buyers and published live to your website. All from the convenience of your office desktop, or direct from the building site via mobile device.

Only pay when you sell

Laybase charges a fixed price per stage, and you only pay when you’re ready to release. So if the market slows, so do your costs.

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Less work, more results

Simple, direct buyer updates mean less calls, less emails and less back and forth. That’s more time for your sales team to do what they do best. Sell!

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Informed buyers settle faster

Updated buyers are engaged and prepared when it’s time to settle. Get paid faster, and spend less time chasing late settlements.

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Complete the customer journey

Help your customers turn a stressful experience into a life-changing journey. That’s more referrals, more recommendations and an infinitely stronger brand.

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